Brussels Airport Releases Blockchain App for Tracking Cargo Movement

Brussels Airport has unveiled an application based blockchain technology which will improve on the efficiency in tracking cargo movement from ground handlers to freight forwarders.  The application will operate in line with BRUcloud, the open data management platforms of Brussels Airport that is hosted on the cloud.

BRUcloud which acts on the data technology of Nallian was established in 2016 for Brussels Airport’s cargo community. The blockchain-based app is the next realistic move towards the Landside Management tool that Brussels Airport is creating together with its BRUcargo community stakeholders.

The aim of Brussels Airport is to make it possible for the logistics flow to be completely digitized through applications which are provided through the BRUcloud platform. By taking such steps, Europe’s 23rd busiest airport plans to get rid of the use of paper in the import process, improve transparency and maximize efficiency.

Widely known as Freight Management App 1.0, the application will operate with updated apps such as Slot Booking App, in addition to others which are still to be created. Between the members of the BRUcargo community, BRUcloud will assist cloud-based sharing of data, hence ensuring the various stakeholders and the supply chain to operate in a more consistent and united way.

It will also allow the addition of applications to the previous infrastructure. The different users will also be able to install nodes of their own, which can then register transactions. These transactions will be accessible by all members who will be given access rights, hence allowing complete transparency.

Some of the firms that assist BRUcloud’s progress at Brussels Airport include DHL Global Forwarding, an ocean and air freight forwarding services provider, and WFS, a ground handler.

According to Luc Jacobs, the chief executive officer of DHL Global Forward in Belgium and Luxembourg noted that “DHL Global Forwarding is pro-actively seeking supply chain visibility and transparency tools and improvement areas, in order to facilitate the supply chain of our customers.  We firmly believe that an increased transparency and reliability will decrease the overall supply chain costs in the future.”


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