YEAY Partners with WOM Token Ltd to Give Customers a New Way to Monetize their Content

YEAY, a video trade platform for Generation Z and Millennials, is eager to report today that it will be the principal platform to join forces with WOM Token Ltd., to give individuals another approach to adapt their substance. On the strategic recommendation of YEAY’s Young Entrepreneur Advisory Board, the WOM Token will empower brands to take advantage of distributed proposals, while engaging individuals to acquire cash through client created content. YEAY’s extensive network of 170,000 clients are the main substance makers to associate with brands through the WOM ecosystem. The WOM Token associates content makers and steadfast “fans” with their most loved brands through blockchain innovation. The open source crusade chief enables brands to source, track and reward fan support utilizing smart contracts.

Presently, with WOM Token Ltd., brands can enhance their substance and clients will pick up tokens by making and advancing their own substance. These youthful, capable substance makers will be remunerated for their work, have a superior chance to become brand ambassadors and pick up tokens on the Ethereum platform.

“The majority of marketers are still chasing reach,” says CEO and founder of YEAY, Melanie Mohr, “but the average social media user with 600 or so friends and family following them has so much more than that: an authentic, direct and trusted relationship with their peers. These peer-to-peer interactions, no matter how micro, have the power to convert into sales. And there are already more than 2.1 billion of them happening online among friends, every day.”

Client produced content outperforms the capacity to resound with purchasers more than some other promotions. However, with the end goal for brands to get this imaginative substance and utilize it for their own marketing, they have to contact these substance makers, ask authorization, and look at the Terms of Agreement. WOM Token Ltd. makes this entire procedure consistent and simple. YEAY’s Young Advisory Board, comprising only of Generation Z board individuals, was set up to furnish YEAY with vital consultancy over the requirements of the up and coming age of clients.

The WOM Token gives:

#1. Confided in commitment between every important partner inside the ecosystem

#2. Prizes for support and imagination can be executed quickly without the requirement for a mediator

#3. Straightforwardness which will immediately compensate mark promotion

#4. Simple capacity to purchase and exchange with the WOM Tokens through unified and decentralized trades

#5. Steady rewards for content makers.


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