Enigma Price Recovers After Intel Partnership

The Enigma price bounced today following the announcement that the firm will partner with Intel to create privacy-preserving computer technologies.

According to CoinMarketCap, the price for the privacy-centric altcoin increased from $1.39 to $1.65 today, marking its best performance in over a week, drawing closer to the $2.16 level.

Since late May, Enigma’s price has remained beneath the $2.00 region after hitting $3.q7 on May 15. The price has found it difficult for most of the year after it peaked at $8.04 on January 10.

Founder and CEO of Enigma, Guy Zyskind stated in a Medium blog that the firm has partnered with Intel to improve privacy-preserving computation technologies. Enigma will adopt Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGXs), making it possible for data to be protected while computation occurs.

Both firms are making efforts to solve privacy, security and scalability issues affecting blockchains.

Rich Echevarria, vice president of the software and services group and general manager of the platforms security division at Intel Corp., noted in his blog three themes he will highlight this week in his presentation at Cyber Week in Israel.

The first is the emergence of workloads that provide more data to analyze and secure.

The second theme is security for artificial intelligence (AI). This includes safeguarding data, algorithms, and parameters, including AI for security through which IA is used to detect advanced threats.

The third is security for the blockchain, which remains to be promising in improving business processes. Intel technologies can improve the privacy, scalability, and security of distributed ledger networks.


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