Irish Bitcoin Broker Claims Country’s Banks are Closing Crypto-Related Accounts

The co-founder of Irish Bitcoin (BTC) broker Eircoin blamed the Banking and Payments Federation for Ireland (BPFI) of victimizing crypto-related accounts, the Irish Times reports June 21. Dave Fleming accused the BPFIofr, “seeking to muddy the waters with insinuations of dirty money.”

Eircoin, which is supposedly “Ireland’s only Bitcoin broker,” was shutdown in April. Dave Fleming, the co founder said they were “shuttered due to a negligent and defensive banking system”. As indicated by Fleming and his business associate Roisin Coogan, banks also rejected banking services to another consulting business.

Fleming guaranteed that the end of the brokerage “reeked of regulatory capture,” which is altogether not the same as the “arms wide open attitude” of IDA Ireland. IDA Ireland is a state-supported office in charge of pulling in foreign investments to Ireland led an activity of advancing blockchain advancement and investment in the nation.

As indicated by Fleming, banking and financial institutions ought not to be engaged with the prosecution of unlawful exercises related to crypto trading. In this manner, they have no privilege to decline firms that deal with cryptocurrencies.

“If any of the Bitcoin sellers in Ireland were involved in terrorist financing I’m sure it wouldn’t be a bank discussing it with us, it would be the law.”

The Irish banks, thus, denied victimizing of crypto-related organizations. As indicated by The Irish Times, the BPFI, which represents 70 financial organizations, stating that it didn’t know about a policy that would enable banks to close accounts of crypto-related organizations.

One of the main Irish banks, AIB, also denied claims that it was declining banking services to crypto-related firms. The bank contended that it “[doesn’t] discriminate in relation to providing banking services to cryptocurrency companies nor [has it] been systematically exiting such companies.”

In any case, the bank added that they are required to adhere to AML and know your customer (KYC) regulatory necessities for opening and operating bank accounts. As indicated by AIB, a few organizations were not able to go along.

Banks in various nations have closed their ways to crypto organizations and trades. In May, Poland’s biggest crypto trade BitBay suspended its projects in the nation since banks declined to offer them services. In April, the Reserve Bank of India declared that they will never again service any individual or business that deals with cryptocurrencies. Crypto trades in both Finland and Chile have risked total closure as the separate nations’ banks are unwilling to work together.


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