Weekly Overview Of Bitcoin

We reported last Monday that Trezor, hardware wallet manufacturer, has issued a warning to clients about a suspected against its users. Some users were served a fake trezor wallet website when trying to access the real address (wallet.trezor.io). DNS poisoning or BGP hijacking might be the causes. The hosting provider has eventually taken the fake wallet down and we want to believe that everything is now back to normal, even though Trezor has asked his clients to remain vigilant and report all suspicious sites. It is possible that the attack may be repeated in future.

On Tuesday, the main featured story related the official opening of the new institutional offering Coinbase Custody for business. The service has onboard crypto hedge funds, exchanges, and ICO projects. It offers secure storage for institutions in the US and Europe. The company is still to serve Asia but has that in the plan before the end of the year. The service supports BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH.

In other Bitcoin news, Hitbtc responded to John McAfee’s accusations that the venue is “killing poor people”, BTCC now has its official platform and Huobi has postponed the Hadax voting.

On Wednesday, there was a report about how new investors biggest obstacle from entering the crypto sphere is the not-simple purchasing process of cryptocurrencies. This fact was established by a survey that was recently released. The survey future 1,000 US residents, designated to profile crypto holders so as to better understand how they are using digital coins. The census tried to appraise the cultural perceptions that surround cryptocurrency ownership. According to another study, ICOs have raised $11.8 billion through May 2o18, despite regulatory pressure and issues like bad publicity caused by fraudulent or unsuccessful projects.

Thursday, the parliament of Malta gave the final approval for three bills that were meant to create a welcoming regulatory framework for crypto ventures. The bills that have been approved by the law are the Digital Innovation Authority Act, the Innovative Technological Arrangement, and Services Act and the Virtual Financial Asset Act. There are a number of things or issues in the law that can impact traders and exchanges. They include prohibitions on insider tracking, market manipulation and misleading ads or ICO whitepapers.

According to a report on Friday, Bittrex has released details of a new venture with Invest.com. a digital asset trading platform will be created by the pair, to open to EU traders. That platform will feature more than 200 tokens at the same time bargaining chip Invest.com’s knowledge of derivative trading, equity trading, and portfolio management.

On Saturday, there is a report that the Indian National Congress (INC), which is one of the two leading parties in India, has accused its major political opponent: Bharatiya Jannata Party (BJP), of being complicit in a “bitcoin scam”. Shaktisinh Gohil, INC spokesman, requested for a judicial probe into the alleges money-laundering scheme with the use of cryptocurrency.


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