Tezos Foundation To Launch Grantmaking Process

The Tezos Foundation has reported that it will hold their first formal call for proposition through a public grantmaking process, as indicated by a declaration published July 13.


According to the declaration, Tezos’ public call for grants will be made in August of this current year and has decided upon three fundamental regions as an underlying target. These incorporate “research that furthers the Tezos protocol and related technologies,” “development of tools and applications to support the Tezos ecosystem,” and “efforts to strengthen and nurture the burgeoning Tezos community.”


In the activity, the Foundation is apparently going to welcome community members, establishments, developers, and different groups which would be occupied with applying for grants. All proposed projects should identify with one of the three grantmaking classifications and will be reviewed on a monthly basis and assessed by the Tezos Foundation Board.


On June 30, Tezos launched its beta system, calling the move an “inflection point” for the project. Starting there on, clients can start approving blocks or “baking” after the initial seven cycles which they gauge to be in around three weeks from the launch. According to Tezos’ site, the betanet is being launched fully expecting a more extensive main network launch later on.


A month ago, the Foundation also reported the usage of Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML) checks for contributors and investors, specifically for the individuals who ask for participation in initial coin offering. The move was met with a negative response from the network.


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