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Cyber-Physical Chain (CPChain) is perceived as the first decentralized framework of the cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT), making a beeline for the production of a trusted and new distribution IoT frameworks. The platform has been given improved scalability and security, handling ongoing issues experienced by blockchain, and giving extensive answers for information collection, sharing, and application in the IoT industry. The ecosystem is allowed multi-party information transactions and IoT-big data based Artificial Intelligence decision-making applications.

CPChain features

CPChain’s parallel distrusted structure of the distributed cloud storage system and decentralized blockchain framework handle the scalability problem of high-level data storage and sharing. The platform presents another hybrid consensus protocol for different public blockchains in light of the cooperative optimization purpose of communication and computing. Additionally, the side chain consensus framework having high protection, concurrent and real-time machine transaction is produced by mixing an edge computing and hardware security methods in the business chain.

The homomorphic encryption empowers calculation of encrypted information without requiring to decrypt it. The information marketplace lets traffic data to be integrated to optimize traffic routes and insurance rates. At last, the integration of sensor data of cars predicts the maintenance of automated vehicles.

CPChain team

Dr. LONG Chengnian (Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering), the co-founder of the platform and lending scientist researcher, is the professor at School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University; perceived as a standout amongst the most trustworthy colleges in China and part of the top 150 colleges all around. Dr. LONG has drafted and published in excess of 50 papers in a few universal international and conferences and was recognized with the title of New Century Excellent Talents by the Ministry of Education in 2011.


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