Crypto and Fiat Firms Hold Meetings on Possible Crypto Legitimization

The American multinational financial services corporation, Nasdaq Inc, last week organized a ground breaking private meeting to discuss the steps needed to legitimize the cryptocurrency industry in global markets, Bloomberg reported last Friday.

Bloomberg reported that the closed door meeting brought together representatives of the traditional financial sector and those of the cryptocurrency industry. According to people knowledgeable about the meeting, Gemini, the company owned by the Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler was also represented at the meeting held in Chicago, in the US Midwest. According to the Bloomberg report, Nasdaq’s idea for the meeting was to “get the industry on the path to legitimacy.”

When contacted by Bloomberg for information relating to the meeting, Nasdaq confirmed that the meeting occurred but it refused to provide any further information regarding who participated and the resolutions that came out of the meeting.

An anonymous source with knowledge of the meeting told Bloomberg that the meeting was just the first in a series of engagements planned on the issue.

Just few months ago, Adena Friedman, Nasdaq’s president and CEO was quoted saying that digital currencies had the potentials to grow into the “financial element of the Internet.”

Friedman had also been quoted as saying that his company may launch a platform for the trading of cryptocurrencies provided that the industry is regulated.

Nasdaq is a New York based financial services corporation that owns the NASDAQ stock exchange and eight other stock exchanges in Europe. The NASDAQ exchanges in Europe are located in Armenia, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Latvia, Estonia, Iceland, Stockholm and Lithuania.

Nasdaq has partnerships with a lot of stock exchanges round the world, normally powering the stock exchanges that it partners with.



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