Report Says BTC Extends Dominance

It was reported at the time of this writing that more than $131 billion USD worth of trade had taken place on the BTC markets in the last 30 days. BTC has extended its lead as the dominant cryptocurrency in the trading activity, taking into consideration the combined trading volume of the other top ten most traded cryptocurrencies, except for USDT equating to about $121 billion.

There is an increase in the 30-day trade volume for the BTC markets, over June’s $125.5 billion. It is lower than the $185 billion in the trade that was recorded in May.

In July, BTC also extended its dominance by market capitalization. With an increase of about 42.75% at the beginning of the month to 47.5% at the time of writing.

USDT showed the largest percentage increase in trade volume, among the top traded cryptocurrencies for July. It gained 11% over June’s $77 billion to post $85.5 worth of trades during the last 30 days.

ETH’s position did not change. It remains the third most traded cryptocurrency token. It generates about $53 billion in trade during July (a drop of about one billion from June).

EOS also still remains the fourth most traded cryptocurrency. It also suffered the largest percentage drop in 30-day volume. Its trade volume fell from $32 billion, with a monthly volume of about $20.4 billion. This represents a 36% drop in total trading activity.

About BCH, its trading volume slightly increased this month: from $14.7 billion in June to $14.85 billion. It remains the fifth most traded cryptocurrency.

For the second consecutive month, Litecoin is sixth on the list of most traded cryptocurrency. It gained two positions in June. Its 30-day trading volume decreased by 7.8%, from $9.3 billion in June to $8.57 billion.

XRP is seventh on the list. Its trading volume also dropped by nearly 17%, from $8.3 billion last month to $6.9 billion in the last 30 days.

Ethereum Classic’s 30-day trading volume increased for the second consecutive month, by $100 million month-over-month. ETC is eighth on the list with a monthly volume of $6.7 billion.

Tron remains ninth. It experienced a considerable drop in volume between May and June. Its trading volume for July was $5.45 billion, a 9% drop from June’s $6 billion.

The tenth most traded cryptocurrency in July is DASH. It beat out QTUM, which despite its 25% gain in volume month-over-month, is eleventh on the list for July with $4.4 billion in trade volume.

NEO is twelfth for July, with about $3.4 billion in 30-day trading volume. ADA is thirteenth with about $3.1 billion. With $2.9 billion, CKUSD is fourteenth.

XLM on the 15th position with $2.3 billion. Coinbase prospect ZEC follows with $2.15 billion. BTM is next with $2.1 billion. MITH follows with about $2 billion, then comes TRUE with $1.8 billion and finally, ONT, with $1.66 billion.


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