Bitfinex Slowly Becoming A Ground For Crypto Whale Transfers

An ICO investor who initially got 314,000 ETH from the Ethereum network’s Genesis block, as a major aspect of the initial coin offering (ICO), has transferred roughly 20,000 ETH (~$5.5 million) to Bitfinex, one of the world’s most prevalent digital currency exchanges. This transfer is a piece of a bigger 93,750 ETH transaction, was first found by Los Angeles-based lawyer Zoe Dolan who expresses that she is viewing the Ethereum block explorer, Etherscan, for indications of capitulation.

This isn’t the first vast transaction from this unknown account. In May, the investor moved 116,000 ETH out his wallet, the greater part of which advanced onto the Bitfinex exchange. However, the wallet still holds in excess of 104,000 ETH, worth around $28 million.

It’s not simply Ether, two or three weeks back Twitter users brought up disputable stablecoin Tether moved over $100 million from a hot wallet to a Bitfinex wallet.

On the off chance that we glance back at news courses of events in August 2015, According to Blockseer’s report from the blockchain, three batches of 5,000 coins each, worth $12.4 million altogether, were moved, following a while of lying dormant. One of the batches, 5,000 of these coins, were sent to Bitfinex.


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