World’s First Blockchain Identity Laboratory Has Been Launched In Scotland

The first dedicated blockchain research facility in Europe and the world’s first advanced blockchain identity laboratory has been introduced in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh.

Called the Blockpass Identity Labs, the groundbreaking blockchain research facility will concentrate on discovering ways in which blockchain technology can be used in safeguarding personal information online says The Scotsman. Developed at the Merchiston Campus of Edinburgh Napier University, the laboratory is part of a £600,000 collaboration between Hong Kong-based blockchain identity application firm, Blockpass IDN and the Scottish university.

Under a three-year partnership, funding will be made available to support research staff, 5 PhD students and a virtualized blockchain environment. The facility will stress on the major difficulties facing identity as it plans to create new data infrastructures that respect the privacy, rights and consent of citizens.

“This exciting work to explore how blockchain technology can protect personal data from online scammers and hackers carries on the tradition of innovation and excellence exemplified by John Napier [the Scottish mathematician that the Edinburgh Napier University is named after],” said Kate Forbes, the Scottish Minister for the Digital Economy.

Plans for the research facility were first revealed in April. During the time, the chief marketing officer of Blockpass, Hans Lombardo, mentioned different participants will be needed to create prototype applications that concentrate on blockchain, digital identity or other decentralized and distributed ledger technologies.

“We continue to see identity management at the forefront of blockchain and cryptography discussions as the price of consumer data abuses becomes clearer and more pertinent,” said Lombardo in a statement. “The creation of this lab in conjunction with Edinburgh Napier University will provide a space where further research and innovation can lead that discussion to newer and more advanced grounds.”


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