In Front of Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork, The Coin’s Battling Visions Vie for Hash Rate

Since November 15th is coming closer for Bitcoin hard fork, many hash powers prefer the bitcoin cash SV which Craig Wright prefers, nChain’s computer scientist, info from Coin Dance shows.

As indicated by Coin Dance, 66-77% of bitcoin cash (BCH) miners are supporting the SV network based on currency hash rates which are different from 18-29 percent backing bitcoin cash ABC which is preferred by Roger Ver, Crypto evangelist.

The information is an approximation based on which mining pools have demonstrated support for the coins after the hard fork.

Also, coin dance notes that of the 2246 nodes running on the bitcoin cash network, 1079 are bitcoin cash ABC nodes while 166 are bitcoin cash SV nodes.

Most importantly, none of the factors is a proper indicator of which camp will be on top after the hard fork. Launching bitcoin node is affordable and a client could launch many different nodes for less than a hundred dollars. But the hash rate is important for Proof-of-Work (PoW) if a coin is not acknowledged by exchanges, the hash would be wasted. At the moment, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV are trading on Poloniex at $393 and $107, separately.

The different surrounding the hard fork took a personal turn earlier this week, as dated from each part’s biggest proponents. Ver and wright became more worded. Wright who had claimed that he was the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto and supposedly claimed in an email the ver doesn’t like bitcoin and sees him as an enemy.

Wright allegedly ended his email by saying that he is Satoshi again and states “Have a nice life. You will now discover me when pissed off.”



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