Enbridge Cuts Back On Employees

The Calgary-based company, Enbridge Inc. is letting go of 5% of their employees. As a major pipeline operator in Canada, they also made the same decision in other branches in both Canada and the United States. Enbridge is an employer of  11,000 staff.

The spokeswoman for the company, Suzanne Wilton mentioned in an email to a news reporting site; “Throughout this process, Enbridge is committed to treating people fairly and with respect. We are providing support to those leaving the company, as well as those who remain.” She said; “It is focused on what we need to do to achieve our strategy of growth and diversification, enhance our competitiveness, and allow us to capitalize on opportunities now and into the future.” An organization review commenced during the first quarter of 2016 by the company.

This cut back on the workforce was also done in the year 2015, during November. The job cuts help them to stay ahead in the competitive market and come out victoriously through thick and thin as an industry. The company has intentions on buying a Spectra Energy Corporation based in Houston, for stock valued at $37 billion, as announced last month. With both pipeline companies amalgamating, it will form a gigantic North American energy infrastructure, which is to be named Enbridge Inc. with Calgary-based headquarters.

For the merged company’s natural gas pipelines, it will be established and grounded in Houston, while the liquids pipelines business will be centered in Edmonton.


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