Canada’s Prime Minister welcomes refugees in Canada

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minster was quite moved by the recent ban on seven countries made by President Donald Trump on Saturday on refugees. He stated that multiculturalism is of great importance to Canada hence, refugees will be highly welcomed in Canada.

Trudeau tweeted in response to Trump’s ban saying “diversity is our strength” and added a picture of him greeting a young Syrian refugee.

Refugees arriving in the U.S have been banned for 120 days aside from the seven countries that is Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen who have been banned for 90 days.

On Saturday there was total chaos in several U.S airports as refugees and immigrants were prevented from entering the country. Some were detained and lawmakers had to come to their rescue with some people encountering endless questions and screening processes.

This new ban had led to the rise of new found fear for Canadian citizens travelling to the U.S. Roughly 35,000 Canadians have dual citizenship with the U.S of one of the seven countries that were banned.

But Trudeau reassured Canadian citizens planning to travel to the U.S with Canadian passports will not be affected by the ban.

However, Canadian Minister of Transport Marc Garneau stated that the Canadians will be receiving up- to -date information from the American transportation department and Department of Homeland Security about the implications of the ban.


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