How to Turn your Hobby into a Career

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their hobby as their career and vice versa. But if you are looking to change things up, read on!


1. First step, take a step

This id the number way to make some cash using your hobby. If you are a MUA—makeup artist, why not create business cards and let the ladies know that you are the one to call when they want to get dolled up. Since you are starting out, make your prices a little lower than the others to build up your clientele.


2. Tell others about your hobby

You can make twice the amount of money by 1) getting a writing job talking about the different aspects of your hobby and 2) using your hobby to line your pockets when you are away from your laptop! Staying on the example of a makeup artist—there are others out of trying to figure what you already have so telling them about it through your articles and also how to improve on their skills is sure to give them confidence to take a bold step to achieving their dreams.


3. Do a performance to get attention

Open a booth at your local mall; perform an excerpt at an elementary, etc. Anything to grab people’s attention. It will be an advertisement.


4. Fix ’em!

Is fixing bicycles, cars or anything that has moving parts is your thang, then go ahead! There are times when the so-called mechanics don’t do a good job and if you are up it, let everyone now. This is your hobby. Step up!


The bottom line is to make sure that you do your utmost best.


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