Hudson’s Bay Co. Has Joined Nordstrom

The Canadian e-commerce company, Hudson’s Bay is following suit; it will be dropping Ivanka Trump’s lifestyle brand like Nordstrom before it.

This is all thanks to the Grab Your Wallet campaign that has been successful thus far in getting Ivanka’s products dropped in protest to her father’s interesting ways of governance.

Hudson’s Bay is not only one being “urged” to drop the aforementioned products; Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH.

Macy’s, Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdale’s are now on the boycott list and they are bound to see losses if they do not drop Ivanka’s line.

Hudson’s Bay online store has Ivanka’s products ranging from $25.60 to $13,900.

People have taken to Twitter to show their solidarity for the boycott.

Here is the statement made by the Canadian retailer:

“Across our banners, we aim to a deliver a strong assortment of fashion. We respect our customers’ right to choose the brands that work for them. In turn, our customers’ choices inform our decisions on which merchandise we offer”. 


Is there a downside to the boycott?

Yes. How? In refusing to buy these particular products, manufacturers might soon cut down on how many items they make, thereby “letting go” of some of their workers in order to reduce the losses. But to those supporting the boycott, it is a necessary evil.


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