Controversy for billionaire NHL team owner, Daryl Katz involving paying for sex

This whole situation smells fishy: it is obvious that someone is lying but here is the story for you to make up your own informed opinion.

There are four persons in this story:

Greice Santo—aspiring hollywood actress

Robert J. Cipriani—spouse of said-actress

Daryl Katz—owner of Edmonton Oilers, NHL team; billionaire

Michael Gelmon—associate of Mr. Daryl Katz
A story has recently been broken that Greice Santo was approached by Gelmon to facilitate a deal between her and Katz: to sleep with him for $20,000 for every time he “sees” her 6 times a month, as par his request.

She says that this incident first happened in Hawaii when she was on set of a photoshoot. She reported it in July of last year, months after the incident.

Obviously, billionaire Daryl has denied this allegation; and his associate has denied threatening Greice’s life which she felt was in danger when she was “assured” that she would never work in Hollywood again.

This sentiment was reiterated by Gelmon.

Even though her complaint didn’t birth any criminal charges against Katz and/or Gelman, her husband—Cipriani—has now made it a part of the defamation lawsuit that was launched on the 2th of this month.

It is no surprise that when Katz and his “people” heard of this, he attempted to assassinate Mr. Cipriani’s character by referencing his involving in insurance fraud for which he pleaded guilty for in 2005.

Doing this has discredited Cipriani to a certain extend.

On the other hand, his wife “reluctantly” accepted $35,000 from Katz which she claims was used to start up a charity—Glam—which helps battered and bullied women.

Cipriani and his wife, Greice, just want a face-to-face apology from the billionaire and have said that they are not doing this for money.

Cipriani has stated that to him, the money is “dirty money”.


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