Bill Delayed by the Senate Leader as Party Still Can’t Decide How Best to Replace Obamacare

Senate Republicans were told never to bet against Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. But there had been some rumors going round when McConnell was keeping the draft health reform bill secret from everyone except his own staff. Even the 12 men on the committee assigned to work with him found out that they were not even allowed to know about it.

It was last week that the bill was finally delivered. “The senators spotted its striking resemblance to the much-maligned bill that their house colleagues had barely and hesitantly passed only a few weeks earlier.” CBC news. The senators had said the bill was a bit late in their chamber.

The Congressional Budget Office then weighed in Monday to confirm the fears of moderate Republicans that the bill went too far in rolling back health benefits, as well as the fears of conservatives that it didn’t go far enough.

Many Republicans were unsure about the decision and decided against it, but McConnell, without worry, said he would go ahead with a vote this week. McConnell seems to have confirmed what Democrats have been saying: ‘after all their promises to replace Obamacare, Republicans really don’t agree on what they meant by that.’

Some republicans disagree with the decision and believe that the government should not have a role in people’s health insurance. Moreover, some even think that it would not be a good thing to replace or repeal the Obamacare and replace it with anything.

While some were on the contradictory side of the story. They believe that the government can have a role in people’s health insurance: “A law that forces all Americans to have health insurance so there is enough money from the premium to oblige insurers to offer benefits to everyone.”

The idea is believed to come from the conservative Heritage Foundation in the late 1980’s. it was even championed by Republicans right up until the moment Barack Obama embraced it and made it the core of Obamacare. And now sadly it’s the Republicans against their own word.


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