Increase In Edmonton Home Sales

The Edmonton home sales had skyrocketed by a quarter in the year. Conversely, it had been through a down spiral of about 3% which was divergent to that of the month of May in the previous year.

The Association of Edmonton Realtors bawled about the severe stagnant state of the average prices of homes. The condos were at a downward steady point of 0.67% to $250,818, nuclear family homes had barely increased to a 0.26% to $440,907 and the apartments were down by 1.52% to $3,334,406 throughout the year. This was predominantly visible in that, the active entries only improved by 4.3% in the month of May the year before and the new entries rubber stamped an increment of 15%.

The chairman of the Edmonton Realtors Association in his remarks stated that, “there is an overwhelmingly increased surge of realtors entering the business. This is premised on the fact that high sales occur before the summer months and it renders it a period of great source of motivation for them. This is the peak period when buyers scavenge for properties due to its increased levels out of the summer months. It is also our busiest period in time.” Thus, he ended his statement.

J C Loum


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