CMHC Says Housing Starts Have Dropped In Recent Months

Recent data analysis from the National Housing Agency shows that Canada’s housing figures are severely plummeting as the construction of multiple units and condos dropped by 13.3% after an astonishing big gain last month.

According to a report from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp, the seasonally adjusted annually rate of housing starts fell to 198,395 last month. Up to 195,000 starts were projected by analysts in July.

The report also pointed out that the expected contingency in housing starts within the county was broadly based, with innovative new detached homes falling more than 1.8%, as well as starts in all parts of Canada being affected except Prairies.

Both of the country’s hottest housing markets, Toronto and Vancouver, have conveyed some unease regarding the housing bubble.

“Housing prices might be a fizz in some Canadian cities, but July data show that starts and construction rest on a steadier foundation tied to population growth and demand,” CIBC World Markets chief economist Avery Shenfeld said in a research note.

The six-month trend of housing starts scaled up to 201,936 last month, following a strong pace in the real estate industry, which over the years has provided backing for the country’s economy.

From the beginning of this year, starts were at a pace of 198,000 units, according to a survey steered by BMO Capital Markets economist Robert Kavcic, who called the clip “stable but not out of whack with overall demographic demand.”

J C Loum


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