Police dragged off Lady from Southwest Airlines flight.

Cops physically removed a lady from a Southwest Airlines plane before it took off from Baltimore, the most recent traveler fight to be caught on video and magnified via social media.

Subsequent to stating she was seriously allergic to animals, there were two dogs on board and the lady rejected the crews demand to leave the plane. The crew at that point called on police to mediate.

A film producer recorded the resulting battle between the lady and officers and posted it on the web. The scene from Tuesday night was reminiscent of an April occurrence in which security officers yanked a man out of his seat and dragged him off a United Express flight in Chicago, starting an open objection about trashy treatment of aircraft travelers.

Southwest, maybe gaining from United’s underlying reluctant response, promptly apologized. “We are disheartened by the way this situation unfolded and the customer’s removal by local law enforcement officers,” Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz said Wednesday.

Mainz said the lady had announced she had a dangerous pet allergy yet couldn’t present a medical certificate that she needed to proceed on the flight to Los Angeles.

The episode started unobtrusively close to the back of the plane, travelers stated, as Southwest employees, including one of the pilots, conversed with the lady. Mainz said the aircraft offered to rebook her on a flight the following day, yet she declined, hers was the last flight of the night.

Airline workers wound up calling police, and the officers requesting that she leaves.

One officer drove her from behind while another pulled her from in front, the video showed.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “I will walk off. Don’t touch me!”

“All right, let’s walk. Let’s walk,” one of the officers answered.

One traveler encouraged the lady to file a complaint, others asked her to walk off the plane so she wouldn’t get harmed.

The aircraft declined to give the traveler’s name. She could be heard identifying herself as a professor. She advised officers she expected to get to Los Angeles in light of the fact that her dad was having surgery the following day.

“She put up a pretty ferocious fight to not be removed from the plane,” said Bill Dumas, the film producer who took the video.

Dumas said the cops “were in a very, very tough situation” in light of the lady’s resistance, and Southwest didn’t have much decision on the grounds that the plane wouldn’t take off until the lady left.

Southwest does not advise travelers early about animals on board.

“In most cases, we can separate the animal from customer with an allergy,” said Mainz, the Southwest spokesman. “The onus is on the customer to tell us what their needs are.”


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