Pre-Listing Inspections On Homes To Save Money

When it comes to purchasing a house or selling one, it is very critical to have the house thoroughly checked, some people, however, tend to overlook this and jump right into the deep. Toronto’s bidding war frenzy happens to be in this dilemma for the previous years, with potential buyers not having their homes checked as a result of being afraid that they might have their bid vetoed.


The marketing manager of national programs for the Pillar to post, Alice Soon noted that there was a rise in more people who had overlooked their right to have inspection making calls, as they ended up having to pay a whole lot of money for amendments. This is a mistake that can be easily evaded if care is taken. To add to that, it is important for users on the high-end to make sure they have any home inspected before buying it, this will help down cut down on expenses. It won’t be a pretty site to buy a house and end up having to spend a whole lot of cash on repairing it all because of one tiny slip up


Alice said “If you’re buying an investment property, when you have a certified home inspector they should be giving you a thorough report of every part of the house, all the major systems. A person buying a property as an investment is different than a person buying to live, though that’s important too because it’s supposed to make you money, not lose money, so you need to know the condition of the home. If you buy something and you don’t get an inspection but find out later replacements need to be done, that eats into your profits.” For those that are new to this business, Alice advised them on keeping things clear and straightforward; as for the sellers, having pre-listing inspections should be a requirement.


For the past two decades, Pillar to Post has been in charge of doing house check-up as a third party for a lot of homes. On the other hand, sellers, realtors and buyers have been reaping the profit from this.


Alice Soon concluded; “You can get a higher asking price if you get a pre-listing inspection,” said Soon. “The seller can decide if they want to repair it or not, but you’ll avoid problems later. If you’re more transparent, even if you decide not to fix it, you have better-negotiating power because the buyer will be comfortable. We’re there to represent the client’s best interest and give them honest third-party objective feedback about the house’s condition, but from a realtor’s perspective, we’re like part of their team because we help their client.”


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