Century Old Technology Serves As Cooling Purpose In The Mines

During a fanfare on the 21st of June, the Hydraulic Air Compressor was unveiled as a part of tourist attraction. Basically, the equipment is meant to cut cost for a lot of mining groups. The equipment has already been installed in its headframe using an old elevator shaft that used to be a part of Big Nickel Mine.

According to project leader Dean Millar in an interview, he stated that the project they have embarked on with the equipment does more than just air circulation, it extends to even resketching the entire textbook on thermodynamics, plus it would help make Sudbury and rest of the world more convenient, greener, and safer.

About the HAC, it’s being ran by Sudbury research consortium which includes Ultra Deep Mining Network, MIRARCO Mining, Lauretenian University, Electrale Innovation, Reasbeck Construction, Independent Electricity System Operator, Northern Ontario Heritage Fund and Dynamic Earth.

Whilst others struggle to make history by inventing new things, Millar stated that he and his team focused on rebranding century old technology, so despite its new look, it comes from quite a different time.

Though this technology has been around for quite some time, yet, the main issue is that they weren’t popular or known amongst miners in the area, plus at that time considering the candles and other sources used to burn, exposing them to that certain amount of oxygen could be an issue.

Millar went further to state the technology comes in two forms one of which is known as the baby HAC used at Cambrian College, whilst the larger HAC is for real life situations.

The HAC would indeed cut a lot of cost for those in the mining business, and most importantly it would also broaden the level of education amongst aspiring miners and also miners who have been in the system for a while.

”its quite funny that such a breakthrough has been in front of our eyes and it took us time to realize,” mullar stated.


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