The Scandals of Manitoba Premier

Recall sometime around 2015, when economists tagged the then prime minister Paul Martins as “Mr Dithers” just because he was too flexible in making decisions, basically, most people defined his indecisive nature as an unprepared attitude towards the office he aspired to fill in.

Coming back to the present, it seems as though Manitoba might be facing the same incidence of Mr Dither as premier Brian Pallister who had stepped into office since April 2016 has achieved a lot in words but failed totally in actions.

Apparently, whilst others who have filled that position in the past took the step of curbing the economy for the good of the people, Mr. Pallister on the other hand, has successfully axed down the expenditures and reduced the size of the government. To be precise, most of the actions he has taken so far go against what he had pledged upon during his manifesto.

He is yet to sign the new health care transfer funding agreement and also the national climate change framework to implement a carbon pricing scheme. To add to that, he also plainly refused to back up the move to protest the terms Ottawa dictated. Right now, there isn’t any clear definition on the stance Manitoba is taking.

It doesn’t just stop there, Manitoba is also yet give out a legal view on sales and taxes passed on marijuana which caused Ottawa to pass a threat mail on to them. Basically, he has refused to show support on some necessary art centers as he hasn’t confirmed any contribution from the side of his government. Also, those from the northern part of Manitoba have been left to bear their cross on flood damage since Mr. Pallister has decided to take his hands away from the incidence.

The only decision so far that can’t be categorized as either good or bad is the rebranding of the Winnipeg hospital, although it means most of the emergency rooms would be shut for quite sometime, the only thing we can do is hope that this decision doesn’t haunt the people after its been completed.


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