Congested Website Prevents Montreal Users From Posting Their Rental Information

Recently, the Canadian Real Estate Association created a free website that gave users the opportunity to carry out online searches for homes and also connect with real estate agents to view homes with regards to buying or selling a home. But this new site has recently gone through a crash as a result of high traffic.

According to Julien Fortier, co-founder of the free app noted that this is a welcoming situation as it is a reflection of the fact that people are aware of the app and are making use of it. It shows that people are willing to make use of the app to connect with agents and also search for homes.

The new app, which was initiated by Fortier and his partners in April is intended to serve as a website where landlords, buyers and sellers can interact and market their rental properties.

In an interview with CBC Montreal’s Daybreak, Fortier explained that the new app went through a crash as there has been an increase in users but it is important to note that the problem is a welcomed one.

“Please, go on the website and break it! We need to do some bug fixing” he added.

Although many people are anxious to make use of the app, some landlords are raising concerns over the website. A Quebec Landlords Corporation representative in an interview expressed his disappointment on the fact that the Montreal boroughs could invest in the website stating that this opens rooms for people to post invalid information and also fraudulent rental information on the app.

According to Fortier, three Montreal boroughs were involved in sponsoring the site with an estimated $180,000 to get the app operational.

However, for the time being, users are expected to input authentic email information to be able to post any information on the site and according to Fortier, they are currently working on updating the verification process.


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