Innovative Ideas To Solve Housing Affordability

With more and more buyers being left out of the real estate market, the federal government designated $11.2 billion towards creating more affordable homes in the market. This serves as good motivation for developers to get creative by bringing forth bold ideas.

For Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, creating affordable housing should not be given a second thought as it is quite easy to do so. Build a half home. This is the theory for his to create more affordable homes to address the current lack of supply. His idea has gone so far to even get him international recognition.

His response to the question if this idea could be made possible in Canada was that with careful supervision, nothing is impossible.

Obviously with such a creative idea, some guidance is definitely needed. The half house which already exists in Mexico and Chile has a full frame and a line through the center.  While one half of the house is  a fully-functional home, the other is left empty so that prospective buyer get the chance to do what they prefer with the space.  This type of home cuts down on government expenses to make housing more affordable and also gives buyers the satisfaction of owing their homes.

Moreover, the house is also suitable for specific individuals such as artists who can also get creative with their empty space.

The construction of the half house in Canada is not impossible but the location for it to be constructed is very vital as such homes cannot be developed on crowded areas.

With all these in mind, there is nothing left for Canada to reconsider as the federal budget made public last week shows the government set aside $11.2 billion for affordable housing. Now is the time Canadians should come up with creative and bold ideas.



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