Connects Its Blockchain Video Platform To Ethereum Mainnet

Blockchain-based video platform Viuly made a declaration that it will associate its blockchain video sharing platform to the ethereum Mainnet on December eighteenth. This enormous step came after its effective airdrop to more than 900,000 ethereum addresses in November. Additionally, by the transaction count on the ethereum blockchain, VIU token as of late positioned number 1 out of the main 50 tokens.

Viuly, a revolutionary online video cosystem has made a major next stride in its disruption of the video sharing industry. It includes interfacing the sharing platform at to the ethereum Maninnet on December 18.

As indicated by a Press Release, on December 18, the video platform will now be live. That is to say, now advertisers can store VIU and pay for advertisements. In addition, users can likewise pull back VIU that they earn from viewing the videos and after that direct them to their ethereum wallets. This enormous improvement came after the fruitful completion of its airdrop campaign. This capaign included the free dissemination of 458 a huge number of VIU token to around 900,000 distinct ethereum users. This progression prompted the production of around a large number of potential new users that would now be able to execute on Viuly platform.

The alpha version of this platform has been live for a considerable length of time and is getting more than 40,000 exceptional guests every day that records around 10,000 enlisted users. The VIU tokens of Viuly is as of now trading on Etherdelta and Bit-z. On November 5, these VIU tokens were airdropped to more than 900,000 ETH wallets.

Viuly is inviting advertisers to promote their pre-roll video ads, abnner advertisements, and videos on their platforms by making utilization of VIU tokens that one can buy on the exchanges. Keeping in mind the end goal to promote this early opportunity, new advertisers are being offered 100 percent reward on any number of tokens spent on the advertising packages by Viuly.

Viuly has likewise introduced a referral program with support the adoption of Viuly platform and to additionally encourage its development. According to this 3-level referral program that will be presented on December 20, every one of the users will profit from it.

This incentive enables the users to acquire VIU tokens at three level when individuals register on this platform as their referral. At first level, 50 VIU, at the second level, 30 VIU and at third level, users will get 20 VIU tokens. Along these lines, the users will acquire a level of all the platform referral income at the rate of 5%, 3% and 2% at initially, second and third level respectively.


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