Bitcoin Cash Addresses To Be Implemented By Trezor

Trezor, the famous hardware cold storage wallet company has announced its intention to integrate Cashaddr, which is a method of differentiating quite easily between Bitcoin addresses and bitcoin core after seeming to be outright hostile to do so.

Cashaddr for BCH to be integrated by Trezor, a cold storage maker

Jason Elliot, a twitter bitcoin cash advocate, started tweeting to hardware, cold storage wallet makers with regards to when their users could assume a combination of bitcoin cash (BCH) ecosystem approved standard for addresses known as Cashaddr with the purpose to aid limit confusion. Bach N. of Trezor also answered confirming Cashaddr development for Trezor. His answer came entirely with a Github link, which seems to establish the tweet.

At the start of this year, the Github tweets to Trezor MCU began. The author/developer of Cashaddr285 is called Jochen Hoenicke. As a depository participant, Pavol Rusnak is of the Satoshi Labs’ and is part of the three commits. The most detail comes around mid-month, although it stops at the end of February.

Mr. Hoenicke elaborated that for cashaddr support, this is required to be active outside the firmware. He further detailed that “ Webwallet: compute cashaddr addresses from xpub. Note that only the last step from hashed public key to address needs to be changed. The webwallet checks that the address the Trezor returns is as expected. This check should also allow 1.. addresses so that it works with older firmware (so we don’t have to deploy both at the same time); allow cashaddr as send to addresses. The firmware supports both and both use SPENDADDRESS. The only difference is the confirmation message given to the user; the transaction format did not change at all.”

In the mini-drama surrounding the problem, this seems to be an interesting turn of events, if true. Mr. Rusknak gave caution via Github, in the summer of the previous year, just after to the fork making of bitcoin cash, “I suggest to change the address version to something different, so it is obvious the address is a Bitcoin Cash address. (It can start with C for example). Don’t forget to change also address version for P2SH!” This seems to be an honest recommendation and was not initially followed for whatever reason.

Trevor normally yields to clients….

Amaury Sechet also known as deadalnix, is a much appreciated lead developer of bitcoin cash and answered to Mr. Rusnak’s caution, stating “Agreed. I have a plan to change the address format. Changing the address format is expensive, so I would like to investigate various other option than just changing the prefix before settling on something. I would also have to convince others in the space that this is a good address format,” and gradually the choice was Cashaddr.

Two weeks ago, Trezor answered to an experience Reddit user u/normal RC on the famous bitcoin cash meeting, with regards to how the company was firmly resisting to add the address change. The Trezor cofounder tweeted in response “This mess was made by bad architectural decision of [BCH] team. We warned them, they knew about the issues and they decided to ignore it. I refuse any responsibility for it. Cashaddr support is in the standard development process and it’ll be ready when done”

In spite of it being indicated as hostile, opportunities for gradually implementation is still open. Users of bitcoin cash users continue to have motives to be hopeful with regards to the future prospect of the coins, which include the more recent acknowledge and Github activity.


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