Darknet Forum Censored, Bitcoin payment option removed from Reddit

Reddit is still the top forum for the global bitcoin family, more specifically for those that are just aware of the digital financial asset for the first time, regardless of the entire Telegram group, Discord channels, and numerous other options. As subjective evidence would present itself, the power over the conversation is held by the website and what occurs on Reddit may be met with much bigger consequences.

Gold for Bitcoin and no more Reddit

The option to offer users gift of Reddit gold utilizing bitcoin has been removed by Reddit which is a San Francisco headquartered connect sharing and content rating website. In spite of it “sounding like an ICO token” as reported by NewsBitcoin.com,  the website’s premium membership program better known as Reddit gold provides clients with certain “special” services and features and aids the cash-strapped firm “keep the servers running” as detailed by NewsBitcoin.com

As reported by a moderator of several forums on the website, we comprehend that the issue was caused by the recent alter with Coinbase Commerce, after the problem was address by Bitcoinxion moderator /r/btc.

User emonet04 noted that the approaching change with regards to coinbase, mixed with certain bugs surrounding the Bitcoin payment facility that impacted buying for some user and as a result the Bitcoin payment option was scarped off. The user further added that “they are going to take a look at demand and watch the progression of Coinbase Commerce before making a decision on whether to re-enable”.

The user was then questioned about the option to allow BCH payments due to their cheaper fees as a result micropayments become more economical. Nevertheless, the moderator responded: “Yeah that’s definitely a fair point! Were’going to keep that in mind as we move forward.”

Darknet Markets eliminated!!

Subsequent to eliminating the above payment facility, the website has also scraped off one of the forums in which certain users of bitcoin monitored developments concern with the expenditure of virtual currency with the highest degree of secrecy.

Following the anonymous commerce venue, the subreddits/Darknet markets have now been restricted by law. Among a wider crackdown on sensitive issues subreddit in relationship to violating “Reddit’s policy against transactions involving prohibited goods or services”, the forum was censored.

In the US, Reddit is subjected to accept the ever stricter anti-privacy legal framework, as an American company. In efforts to empower police detectives to gather civil data from sites in the absence of due procedure or even making them aware of the task, the CLOUDACT was signed just this Friday to this effect. In an attempt to not give their company information, the firm might approach this in the best interest of the end users.

The website might have come up with the decision to disallow darknet market as a business move since it is considering to transit to a more advertiser-friendly social network model.



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