Crypto Invest Summit To Highlight Powerful Women Driving The Blockchain Industry

Over the past year, society has begun to deal with how certain enterprises treat women. Scandals initially shook Hollywood, followed by the Vanity Fair before the end of last year uncovering bias and abuse in the tech business.

The founders of Crypto Invest Summit, Alon Goren, and Josef Halom believe it is time to fight against prejudice and perception.

Accordingly, the Crypto Invest Summit has put unique accentuation on featuring how inventive, enthusiastic, and powerful women help to drive the progressive universe of the blockchain.

At 11:30 of day 2, six pioneers in blockchain advancement and business enterprise will make that big appearance. They will recount their stories, and in addition, will talk about the difficulties and opportunities for women driving blockchain innovation. Thereafter, members are urged to ask questions.

The panel incorporates six great influencers in the blockchain world. To begin with, Ph.D. student Sarah Clayton is from the Annenberg school at the University of Southern California where she is right now doing her research into the community politics driving basic leadership and advancement in the blockchain world.

Veronica Reynolds is from the law field. In her second year of study at UCLA School of Law, Ms. Reynolds examines the implications of government adoption of blockchain technology.

From the entrepreneurship, the world comes $Guap Coin founder Tavonia Evans, who has worked to cultivate digital entrepreneurship in black-owned business areas.

Meet Koh Kim and Sarah Borazon. Koh Kim brought a long time of work creating developing partnerships at Google Play into investment and growth. She now counsels organizations hoping to take advantage of the union of tech, gaming, and media in Asia and North America. Sarah Borazon conveys to the panel her skill in the consistently developing domain of regulatory compliance.

At long last, Titan Securities founder Jenny Ta will share her ability in venture development. As an independent tycoon, Ms. Ta now encourages business people hoping to break into the field.

By bringing a portion of the leading women driving blockchain and digital currency together on one panel, the Crypto Invest Summit scatters the idea that tech is only a “decent ol’ boy” club. Anybody with ideas, a hard-working attitude, and vision can discover accomplishment in this continually evolving industry, the founders say.

None of the energizing introductions and occasions ready for Crypto Invest Summit would be conceivable without support from Hedera Hashgraph and other patrons, the founders said to them and to many others in the blockchain industry – Hedera Hashgraph speaks to the eventual fate of online exchanges. Different sponsors incorporate American Airlines, Dream Team, DNA, Genesis Wavemaker Partners, and Spice Venture Capital.


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