Wikipedia “Conflict of Interest”

Wikipedia’s “Conflict of Interest” (COI) is the name chosen for the page outlining behavioral guidelines for the favorite and most crowdsourced encyclopedia 140000 editors whose etiquette is now including a reference in cryptocurrency.

Wikipedia says that any external relationship its contributors hold, including a relationship with cryptocurrency, could present a conflict of interest. Wikipedia’s COI page states: “Any external relationship – personal, religious, political, academic, legal, or financial (including holding a cryptocurrency) – can trigger a COI. How close the relationship needs to be before it becomes a concern on Wikipedia is governed by common sense. For example, an article about a band should not be written by the band’s manager, and a biography should not be an autobiography or written by the subject’s spouse.”

Somehow, these guidelines are full of sense, however, there is a ‘but’. It appears that these guidelines create a lot of paradox in the sense that, those who are considered as the most knowledgeable about a particular Wikipedia page are those with a strong personal interest in a particular subject matter. It is difficult to see how the fact that you own bitcoin will stop an editor from having the possibility to update the Bitcoin page. You have a greater ability to emerge with smaller and more controversial cryptos.

The fact that the subject on some Wikipedia pages is controversial or exposed to mischief-makers, serves as a tool that attracts an abnormally high number of edits. Usually, this leads to either the full or partial locking to a page. This might happen in order to stop anonymous editors from changing the truth or adding their own story.

Wikipedia is known for its edit wars. During such, opposing camps try as much as possible to take the lead. An example of a page that has been a victim of such controversy is it is noted on its talk page that “there have been attempts to recruit editors of specific viewpoints to this article.”


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