William Shatner Confirms He Is Not Giving Away ETH

Cryptocurrency crimes are on the increase. In a recent workshop organized by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission known a ‘Decrypting Cryptocurrency Scams’, it was confirmed that users lost about $542 million during the first two months of this year in crypto-related scam by the end of 2018, this number reach $3 billion says the director of FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, Andrew Smith.

William Shatner has now become the most recent celebrity to be imitated on Twitter with a view of cheating unsuspecting crypto investors. The actor most known for his Star Trek role as Captain Kirk has therefore released an alert warning of the Ponzi plot.

From the scammer’s tweeting history, activity began on June 20 with a post releasing a website, etherpromotion.org, which was giving away 10,000 ETH. All that visitors to the website required to do was send between 0.5 and 20 ETH, supposedly to confirm their addresses. The tweets, including the website, promise to send back the ETH with the amount increasing ten times.

In spite of Shatner and several of his followers dwindling the fake account who has his name including his Twitter profile picture, the fraudster still remains on their microblogging platform at the time of writing.

Using the history of such scam activities, fraudsters have not only been able to imitate high profile people but particularly those who are involved in the crypto space in one way or the other. Shatner earlier on noted in his role as a spokesperson for the Solar Alliance Energy that the outfit was creating a crypto mining facility that uses solar energy.

The solar-powered crypto mining facility will be found in Murphysboro Illinois, where Solar Alliance Energy has bought a warehouse facility measuring 165,000 square feet.


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