‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author Remains Confident On Bitcoin Claims USD Is A Fake

The author of the famous financial self-help book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has claimed the USD is a fake, stating that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are “currencies of the people” that will replace fiat currency.

Kiyosaki went on to speculate a forthcoming market collapse.

He stated:

“The US Dollar is a scam…I think the dollar is toast because gold and silver and cyber currency are going to take it out…The US Dollar is gone…In the year 2000, there was one currency, the US Dollar. It was called the reserve currency of the world…and then came bitcoin or cyber currency.”

Talking about his new book, Fake: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets, Kiyosaki noted that he wrote about how gold, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are a better obstacle against a forthcoming crash of the financial market.

He noted:

“In my new book… I talk about the three types of money today: God’s money, which is gold and silver, government’s money which is a fiat currency, which is done by government decree which is the dollar… Then there’s the people’s money, which is cyber currency on the blockchain technology. Gold is a hedge and I am expecting a collapse of the system… [and] which is why you are into cyber currencies now… bitcoin and ethereum.”

He went on to stress several normal debated financial views as well as a description of fiat currency savers as “losers” and requesting for a return of the gold standard to the dollar after its 1971 removal by President Richard Nixon.


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