Bitcoin Supporters Say “Less Government, More Bitcoin”

Between 2010 and 2011, Belgian residents lived for 589 days without an elected government as a coalition could not be formed since the Flemish and the Walloons, the parties in the country, could not reach an agreement. The basic issues at hand had to be handled by a former prime minister who oversaw a bare bones government.
“A debt crisis would be inevitable, doom-mongers asserted, the fallout would affect Europe, chaos, anarchy etc” these were some of the predictions made from the government-less country. But the reality of things was quite different. Life for the Belgian resident was as normal as possible, and the lesson they learnt from their government-less tour is that ‘the solution to better government might actually be less government.’
The new thinking now in Belgium is that government is supposed to serve the people’s interests by providing justice for all and supporting the most disadvantaged members of the society. Residents there however argue that nowadays the arrangement is quite in the contrary. They see many people serving the government rather than the government serving them.
Belgians believe that a bloated civil service, high government expenditure and a dragging barrage of laws all contribute to a tax-heavy giant that slows growth and development.
Libertarians all over the world today are fighting for low taxation, and a small governance model. They believe that “Governments are the world’s biggest Ponzi schemes.”
Some skeptics assert that a government is nothing more than a collection of people armed with a mandate to make themselves known. From this definition you can actually point at the knot of the problem. This argument is further given credence as we come to realize that the main goal of every government is to entrench its power -a form of statism.
Bitcoin represents the antithesis of statism. It comes to remove power from governments to hand it to the masses. Governments are deprived of any powers to implement their bogus laws and incongruous schemes if they lack the ability to print, debase, and devalue national currencies.
In as much as libertarianism is about to dominate the world with is political ideology, Bitcoin is not about to follow that route. Bitcoin’s strategy is to introduce a check against the worst excesses of government. We say: “Less government, more Bitcoin.


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