44 Terahash E-11 Miners With 10nm Chips Announced By Ebang

Ebang, the China-based communication, and one of the largest ASIC mining chips maker in the region announced last week that it will be launching soon three new ASIC mining devices for SHA-256 compatible coins. The next generation of the firm, Ebit E-11 series models, will be utilizing 10nm semiconductor technology with up to 44j/TH.

Ebang’s website states that the E-11 series miners sales will be “forthcoming.”

The Chinese forum and messaging Wechat published the highlights of the three models on the company’s advertisement display. The ad says that the new Ebit miners will be the E11 (30TH/s), E11+ (37TH/s), and the more powerful E11++ (44TH/s). this news came after Bitmain Technologies had announced the mining event in Tbilisi, during the CEO of the company told the crowd about the firm’s next-generation ASIC BM1391 7nm FinFet chip design. Ebang’s E11++ might outperform Bitmain’s new Antminers by 2J/TH if what the company says is true. In the event of a public launching of the machine, the Ebang Ebit E11 and the new Bitmain Antminer BM1391 will be the most powerful Bitcoin mining devices on the planet.

Most of the new models have not yet been made available for the general public to see in real life, despite the fact that some of the mining rig manufacturers have claimed to be shipping very soon. The prices of some of the models were disclosed, but no one knows the costs per machine or release dates of some of the models announced. The second tier units sold by GMO, Innosilicon, and others might still gain some lead time until Ebang and Bitmain release their machines. Only when these other machines eventually launch, will the SHA-256 difficulty and price per mining rig and electric costs will come into play.


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