The Whole BCH Transaction Universe Now Crawled By Bitdb’s Global Database

Bitdb 1.o is a program that was launched a few months ago by the software developer Unwriter. The program works just an autonomous database that can crawl, index and query the blockchain for every op-return transaction. It basically means that Bitdb will take the transaction and file it in a structured document, the store the end result in Mong-DB. This way, anyone can make use of the data to help them build custom Bitcoin cash-powered applications. Just some few platforms such as Meopay,,,, etc… have used Bitdb. Unwriter said that building Bitdb 1.0 was just the start of something much bigger.

“After all, op-return is just one of many opcodes in Bitcoin — If op-return alone could bring this much innovation, imagine what would be possible when you open up the database to the entire Bitcoin universe,” Unwriter explained during the Bitdb 2.0 announcement, and added: “I imagined – and then I built.”

Unwriter explained, “Bitdb is an autonomous database that continuously synchronizes itself with Bitcoin. Bitdb also stores every bitcoin transaction in a structured document format that can be queried against like a regular database. With a simple Mongo-DB query, anyone can easily query, filter, and build applications on Bitcoin.”

Bitdb 2.0 Can Help Bolster Smart Contracts, Bitcoin Powered Bots, Autonomous Programs, and More Creative Applications.

This version crawls every single transaction on the BCH chain and stores all of the information in real-time it was detailed by Unwriter that the platform “indexes every single push data in every single bitcoin script,” including all output scripts like timelock, P2PKH, multi-sig, as well as inputs.

“Things like smart contracts, bitcoin powered bots, autonomous programs, and many more creative applications no one has even imagined yet become significantly easier to build with Bitdb,” Unwriter stated. “At the end of the day, everything is data, and all data fit into a database.”

Unwriter further explained that all the Bitdb indexes can be connected so analysts and developers can build a transaction graph.

“You could even combine a graph query with a script query,” the developer added. Adding more icing to the cake, Unwriter said a developer could build tokens that communicate with other tokens. “A token that interoperates with other protocols, and an application protocol that talks to another application protocol,” Unwriter said.





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