Mandarin As Third Official Language In Vancouver?

The construction of a mansion in the city of Vancouver has become very popular among buyers in mainland China.

Due to this obvious fact, housing documents may be written in Mandarin for those who do not speak English in order to make the process a lot easier for them. This will be done in Belcarra, British Columbia.

Richmond is one of the communities that have become pro-active in making the buying process easier for the Cantonese Chinese and Mandarin speakers; they have individuals translating all the bylaws, policies and contracts. Unfortunately, Belcerra cannot do this because of its small staff.

Some Canadians are upset that the foreign investments made by wealthy Chinese individuals are causing price hikes in housing making it more difficult for them to find a home in Vancouver. With house prices going up to $1.3M their anger is not dissipating anytime soon.

New research that Chinese buyers are the main reason for the increases in housing prices.

Belcarra’s ”excuse” for not having enough workers or being unable to translate its bylaws in the dialects of the Mandarin language is being seen as a lame attempt to push Chinese buyers away and may even to control the local housing market.

And for a rather dramatic ending to this article, the double edged sword of foreign investment has to be dulled a bit or else, this continuous sharpening of the blades will get someone seriously hurt.


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