Home Designs That Will Make You A Trendsetter

With lots of brands and options making noises out there, what you need is insight and creativity to always stay a step ahead. As a home designer, you have to be up to date or even ahead with the trend because you don’t want your house to look so ancient in the market. Trend predicting is an art, not a science and so one has to be imaginative and creative to achieve the best. Some home designs are hopelessly outdated, that is why we have gone all out to find 5 great home designs that will put you in the lead and leave others following.

Copper and metal

We have seen enough of gold and bronze designs in so many homes. It time for some replacement. If you are feeling bold enough, copper and metallics are just what you need.  Metallic items are taking a wide turn to also include furniture pieces and even paints that will make your house look superb and gorgeous.

Gray-washed cabinetry

Gray washed kitchen and living items are hot and trendsetting. It has a rustic taste and almost looks like washed wood. Metallic designs look great in city-slick dwellings and adds a touch of sophistication to everything.

Blond wood

We have seen dark, heavy wood all over the place but its time for some changes and blond wood is the perfect replacement. It mixes perfectly with metallic, gray, whites and also any pop of color. But be mindful to use it sparingly because you don’t want your house to look like an overstuffed showroom.


From your pillows to edging on your curtains, lamp stands, and wall hangings, fringe promises to take over your entire house. So don’t fight the urge of using it because it increases softness, comfort, and flair. It also requires no hard work and it makes everything much cooler.

All white

It is time to really put into consideration all white background. White is the new easy way to go. You don’t have to ditch other pop of colors because all white allows you to update, change, mix and match colors and stays out of the way. It allows creativity on a daily basis when you decide to paint again.

Nothing feels much cooler than having friends and other designers into your home and they go back mimicking your décor. Staying on top of your game takes hard work and creativity, so just continue being a trendsetter and have fun.


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