Sights to See in Scarborough (Malvern Rouge River).

If you are thinking of what to do in Scarborough (Malvern Rouge River), you might want to check on the list provided below to experience what a wonderful place this town is. The town is named after Scarborough, England by Elizabeth Simcoe, wife of John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada

Toronto Zoo

It is the biggest zoo in Canada and mind-blowingly the third largest zoo in the world. It is the kind of place you are bound to have a wonderful experience whether you’re old or young. There are about 450 species of animals including polar bears, panders, gorillas and several other different type of animals from all over the world. There are also multitude of rides available in the zoo including splash pads, and camel rides.

Discover Scarborough’s History

Scarborough has a rich history that you can learn by visiting the museum of Scarborough. The has a recreated 19th century garden set in Thomas Memorial Park and also has mystical historical buildings. The museum is also known for hosting several community exhibitions and programs that tell you a vivid story of the town of Scarborough

Explore Urban Wilderness

Discover one of the largest urban nature parks in North America full of beautifully shaped trails and explore the untouched natural ecosystems formed along the Rough River. You also have the option of exploring the Rouge marsh by launching the canoe at the mouth of the River and paddle alongside the kingfishers and blue herons. There is also a camping spot located at Toronton, pickering border.

Embrace Nature!

Scarborough has some visually appealing scenery on the weather, you can go skateboarding, biking and hiking on the woods trails that send you unto routes and ravines that skirts the Ontario Lake.

Follow the trail along Highland creek from Morningside park to the Lake of Ontario, enjoying the myriad of native plants and birds that make the Highland creek Ravine home. You can enter the trail at any of the parks along the trail (Morning side Park, Colonel Danforth Park, Lower Highland Creek Park, or East point Park). The waterfront trail from East Point Park to Pickering border offers 4 kms of trail along continuous stunning views of Lake Ontario. Whether you gather round friends and enjoy BBQ in summer or go tobogganing in winter, there are multitude of opportunities to enjoy outdoors in Scarborough. Enjoy Canada Day fireworks at Milliken park.

Visit the splendid Rosetta McClain Gardens

Having a magical experience at the very colorful public gardens of Rosetta McClain Gardens. Take a dreamy walk in the lush gardens vibrant with seasonal garden flowers and plants. And take in the natural fragranced smell of the air.

Scarborough Bluffs

The Bluffs is the main reason for naming this part of Toronto “Scarborough”. The Bluffer’s park is the best place to see the bluffs. The bluffs can be viewed from any of Scarborough parks situated somewhere along Lake Ontario.

Conclusion: From the zoos to the beaches to the enchanting gardens, Scarborough is a town that is easily satisfying to the a residence and a great tourist attraction for explorers.


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