Common Tenant Complaints And Their Solutions

Getting that extra cash at the beginning of every month sure does make daily expenses more affordable but dealing with another person is not always an easy thing to do.

Here are some of the complaints made by most tenants and their immediate solutions:

#1. Long-lasting issues

If your tenant calls at any time of the day to complain about the plumbing, a faulty furnace, malfunctioning air-conditioner or black mold, do not let 24 hours lapse on the problem. Do your level best to fix it.

Tip: Have plumbers, contractors, and pest control in your phone contacts just in case.

If you have to take the day of from your job to remedy the problem, please do so because the longer you wait on a problem, you’ll just end up damaging your property and lowering its quality.

#2. Poor communication

Whether or not you live close to your tenant or even if you live in another district, keep the lines of communication permanently open. There should be no form of awkwardness between you and the tenant. He or she should be able to speak to you freely about almost anything. I am not asking you to build a friendship but a rather an amicable tenant-landlord relationship. It will favor you in the long run. I promise!

Tip: Schedule out three days on which to either call your tenant or drop by just to see the property and of course, to see how he or she is doing. Be genuinely concerned for your tenant.

#3. Lousy neighbors

You are blessed with a unproblematic tenant, but the type of tenant you were running away from is the one another landlord got. The mindlessly noisy human being with little to no consideration for others! Let’s assume that the tenant’s neighbors are a fraternity which we all know don’t do anything but party even during the week! Handling this particular case is not easy and not every landlord has experience with it.

Tip: Do not leave the problem with lousy neighbors in the hands of your tenant. Go over to the frat house (kinda like that Seth Green movie) and just ask them politely, to keep the music to non-deafening volume and the rowdiness indoors; and the parties to only the weekends.

Do this just once and make sure to speak to the President of the fraternity.

If it happens again, do not be afraid to call the cops on them and even to make a petition for them to get out of the neighborhood!

#4. Pest invasion

Tip: Make sure to check for termites and other pests before renting out your property and also have it inspected often. Make sure to give your tenant(s) a heads up.


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