How To Be An Awesome Tenant

A lot of people put all their energy and focus solely on their rights as tenants and basically wait for their landlords to make mistakes and then bam! Lawsuit!

This is actually a good thing, thinking about your rights and not the part about suing your landlord.

However, remember one day you might move out and the next landlord will ask for a letter of recommendation. What will you do if the relationship between you and your present landlord is sour?

Take a look at how to be a good tenant.

#1. Be familiar with the small print

This does not apply to leases only. Whenever you are about to sign anything, make sure you read it first and understand it very well. If you need a full day to study it, then say so. If it is genuine, the landlord should allow you to take all the time you need but if he seems a bit apprehensive about giving you that time, you should probably run in the other direction. Get a lawyer involved too if you can afford one.

#2. Don’t break the rules of engagement

Most renters think of breaking lease terms like not paying the rent, cutting out early or subletting without permission. However, smaller lease points count too. While a landlord can technically evict a tenant for breaking any term of a lease, most won’t. But the better you stick to your lease, the better your chances of existing peacefully with your landlord.

Moving out unexpectedly and not paying the rest just because you did not stay in the apartment for the full month is disrespectful and. If you end up agreeing to every rule stated in the contract, then do your best to not break the rules. Let peace reign between you and your landlord.

#3. Pay Your Rent on Time

Try as much as possible to always pay your rent on time. I know there will be times when, for some reason, you will not be able to pay your rent on time but please do not make it a habit. If you know money might be tight the next month, then pay for the following month to get the pressure off of you.

#4. Take care of the place as though it were your own

If the property was your home, would you leave your dog’s excrements all over the property? would you have rowdy friends over who would just destroy the place? If you are a responsible adult, the answer should be no.

Don’t call your landlord in the middle of the night if the bulb stopped working. Such minor mishaps should be taken care of by you.

#5. A nearby neighbor is better than a far away kinsman

Greet your neighbors. Ask them about work, family, weather, sports, etc. Be genuinely interested in their lives without coming off as nosey or fussy. This will help you in the long run because you never know when you might need their help for whatever reason.

These simple ways of being a good tenant should get you started on becoming an award-winning tenant.


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