Tips And Tricks For New Graduates: How To Negotiate Salary

Personally speaking, rewriting your budget every month is not going to change this fact:


It is quite that simple, really. And now that you have come to that realisation, let’s help you ask for a raise.

Getting a raise of $3,000 can result in hundreds of thousands, if not a million dollars when properly invested.

Bear in mind, this is just one raise. Imagine the number of raises you could get over the course of your working life?

Can you say, “cha-chingg!!”

Timing is everything

This simply means that your success is banked on when you ask for the raise. Now, if you are in a line of work wherein the salary is fixed—the workplace is very structured, then you are less likely to get a raise.

This is not to say that it’s not possible, but make sure that you have done you homework before going in to meet your superiors.

Here is what to consider before going in to ask for a raise:

  • Exact problems and issues needed to be solved in the company
  • Your ability to help in the matter

Do a bit of research on salaries in your field of work

Visit sites that show the average salary for someone in your specific position. Print out the data as evidence and to back you up when you are called in to talk about your raise.

What do you think is a reasonable salary for this kind of job with these expectations?”

Ask what your boss wants

Remember that this is a negotiation and is therefore, a give and take. If your company gives you exactly what you ask, then it should take what it wants too, no?

So let’s say that you ask for monthly increment of $2,000 and your boss agrees to it. Before he/she says anything else, you ask what more the company might need from you.

By so doing, you show that you are a considerate and content person and not looking to take advantage of the company. Also, come up a plan as to how you’d tackle the company’s issues.

Be dearing with you “demands”

It is very easy to ask for just money. Seize this opportune time to ask for more vacation days, flexible hours including necessary resources to do your job.

Practice makes perfect

You do not want to go into the meeting ill-equipped so make sure to practice your speech. It would be very embarrassing if you are to go blank in the meeting; it will seem as if you dreamt up needing a raise a little back.


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