How To Smell An Abusive Tenant From A Mile Away!

Landlords all over find it difficult to find the perfect tenant. Some tenants are very good in hiding there nature and you will be making a grave mistake by renting your property to an abusive tenant. But in general the human habit is like smoke and no matter how hard you try to hide it, it will surly pop out in some way. There are certain red flag signals that can tell you that a tenant is not suitable for your services. Here are some signs to look out for.

#1. Criminal record

Not a single landlord wants to accommodate a criminal because they come with a lot of negative baggage. A tenant who results to violence to solve problems with other tenants or has a domestic violence conviction is someone you won’t want at all in your property.

#2. Bad landlord reference

As a tenant seeking a place to occupy, a bad recommendation from a previous landlord can be alarming. This shows that the tenant didn’t have a good record or had done something bad there. Good tenants always get nice recommendations from there previous landlords.

#3. Moving too often

Is this something we just take for granted or what? But when an individual moves from one place to another it either means they can’t pay the rent or they have a bad behavior. A good tenant always wants to settle in a constant place. An aggressive person on the other hand just can’t stay at one place for long because there behavior won’t just let them.

#4. Certain kinds of tattoos

Tattoos are done by some people to beautify their body but there are certain tattoos that just scream watch out! Many tattoos can show that a tenant is a rebellious individual and some can be anti-societal or statement tattoos. Some can just prove that you belong to a certain gang.

#5. Changing jobs too often

Most landlords want to find tenants that have careers and not jobs. If a tenant is constantly hanging jobs, certain questions must be raised like why are they changing jobs? Are they annoying others? Or are there legitimate reasons? If a tenant gets promoted in a job, that’s a thumbs up for the landlord.

There are other tell tale signs of bad tenants that you can spot if you pay a little attention to them. Having bad tenants not tell on your reputation but they can even make other tenants end there lease or rental period with you because they feel insure. Therefore before giving your property to tenants, you have to be sure that they are reliable and worth it.


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