4 Tips For Turning Bad Tenants Into Good Ones

The fear that most landlords have, is of tenants who are not able to pay their rent, and are generally non-compliant. Picking the right tenant will save you the stress of having to carry out expensive repairs or go through the whole eviction process, which is usually expensive.

Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to tell a bad tenant from afar and you may very well have sealed the deal with a tenant who you thought was absolutely wonderful only to see their true self a few months into your contract. Don’t despair though, as with the application of a few simple tips, you might actually be able to turn your nightmarish tenants into great ones.

#1. Communication:

Being in communication with the tenant, is a good way of preventing bad blood, because if there are problems you will be in a position to correct them before they escalate. Be clear with them, as to what you do not like and the things you would love to see changed within the premises, and let them know there will be consequences for non-compliance.

#2. Late payment fees:

You will need to make sure tenants are clear about not being late on rent. You could threaten them with extra fees that would be attached to late payments. This plan should be followed through, so they know you are being serious.

#3. Inspections should be a priority

As landlord it is your right to frequently inspect your property, in order to prevent any serious damage from going uncorrected for too long. It could be very easy for destructive tenants to get away with destroying your property, if you do not make routine inspections of your premises.

You might not have to conduct the inspection yourself, but you can send an agent. If you’re really busy, you could simply send your tenants a note informing them of a date of inspection so that even if you are unable to go, the premises will still be kept clean.

#4. Emphasis on important lease clauses

It is the responsibility of the landlord to lay emphasis for the tenants on the items that are important. This can be done by sending them a welcome letter including information on things that should be properly kept. This should be done as soon as possible, with copies kept in the possession of the tenant, landlord and agent.

These tips could go a long way to helping keep bad tenants at bay and turning bad ones into good ones. It is important to note that not all tenants can be changed and you can be certain of having tenants who will violate the terms of your agreement, sometimes leaving you no choice but to go through with the eviction process.



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