Common Household Habits You Should Break Now!

Common household habits are very hard to break until you get to realize how easier life will be without them. They say a chain of bad habits are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. We all have our little bad habits that we are just too lazy to fix but when we do, we get that ‘feel good’ feeling, like a weight has been lifted off your chest. To take you to that ‘feel good’ place, we have compiled the following tips to help you get rid of a bad habit.

#1. Cook then clean

Most people have the habit of going in the kitchen to start cooking amidst dirty utensils without cleaning them first before cooking. Unfortunately the less organized amongst us will go ahead to use all the pots and pans without washing them in the process. The best thing to do instead is clean up first then cook. Along with the cooking process, you clean as you cook so that when you finish, you will feel like a domestic superhero.

#2. Iron as you go

What can be more stressful early in the morning than having to fish about for ironed clothes because you are already too late to iron one? It will be very conducive to just walk to your wardrobe, pick up a neat ironed shirt and get going without any tussle. It can be emotionally draining when you go out looking all rumpled up like you as if someone just took you from the washing machine. To prevent this awful situation, choose a day in the week when you get to iron your clothes neatly while you watch your favorite movie or listening to music if that works for you.  You will discover what an enjoyable routine it can be once you get use to it.

#3. Household accumulator

Whether it is something large or little, unused things can accumulate to become a big mess in your house. Everyday we tend to come home with things that have little use to us out of habit. Try discarding things you don’t make use of. Reuse, reduce, recycle and you will have a clutter free existence.

 #4. Leaving the dirty dishes

If only the dirty dishes could wash themselves. Wash up as you cook and also after using any dish. Imagine how cool it will be to wake up every morning to just make coffee and enjoy a washing free morning.

We all have daily habits that have become a part of us which can be very hard to get rid of. We do not get to stick with such habits because they are correct but they just happen to be the easy way out. Try these tips and let us know just how much more awesome life gets.


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