How To Find Great Tenants

Having the right tenant living in your property is something any landlord would wish for, but as a landlord you should also understand that not all tenants are created equally. Some tenants will make you feel as ease, while others will make your life miserable. Here are the four ways to get the right tenant for your property.

#1. Choose a tenant with a good credit score

You want to find a renter who is responsible with their finances. If they are responsible enough with paying their bills, then you can count on them paying rent on time and being accountable with your apartment.

#2. Perform a background check

Criminal information are community records, which can be seen at different court houses. Keep in mind that people with criminal records may attempt to fake their identity when trying to rent an apartment so make sure to look for a valid ID to be sure that they are who they say they are.

A detailed criminal check will include:

  • Sexual criminal database search
  • A regional criminal court search
  • Federal court record search

A Point of caution:

Running a criminal check yourself can consume a lot of time. It may be in your best interest to employ a trustworthy tenant screening company perform this check for you.

#3. Consider the tenant’s rental history

You should talk to at least two of the renter’s former landlords if possible. If the candidate was a problematic tenant, the present landlord might not be very honest¬†as they may just want to get the tenant off their hands for good.

Reasonable questions you should ask:

  • Why are they moving?
  • Did they pay on time?
  • Where they responsible in keeping their apartment? Were they decent?
  • Did they complain often?
  • Was there any damage caused by them in the apartment?
  • Were they respectful to the people around them including their neighbors?

#4. Look for a tenant who is consistent

Look at the candidate’s previous address and employment history on the application form. Do they often move or switch jobs? This pattern is likely to continue if they are the type that move often, which means that they will likely not be a long-term tenant. They may also not be able to afford the rent if they have not shown consistent employment and you will be left looking for new tenants all over again or having to deal with an eviction.


Considering these four factors will aid you in finding the right tenant for your property, and hopefully save you money and time by averting costly evictions and damages to your property.


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