6 Signs That You Are A Bad Neighbor

Sometimes, a fence is all to takes to draw out an argument between two parties. Not everyone is okay with living at close proximity with others, let alone bad, annoying neighbors.

Maybe you are the bad neighbor and you have no idea, and your neighbors are just being nice about it. Here are 5 signs to help you tell if your neighborly behavior needs some improvement:

#1. You cannot compromise over anything

Some people lack the ability to agree over anything, even the littlest things. If you’re the reason why you and your neighbors never agree on anything, then it’s a sign that you might be a bad neighbor.

#2. When you can’t help with little neighborly tasks

A good neighbor would find no harm in helping out with little things. When you see your neighbors coming down from a vehicle with so much to hold that they can’t take them into the house all at once, if you are available at that moment, it would be nice to help out.

#3. Making noise

If you have neighbors, then you really should be considerate about how much noise you make. There are other people working in their homes or simply trying to get some rest on weekends; the fact that you are doing nothing doesn’t mean you should raise your music volume to the loudest.

#4. Inability to control children

If you have children around, you’re going to have to work extra hard to make sure they do not disturb the neighbors. Make sure your kids learn to respect boundaries and are not excessively boisterous when at play.

#5. Inability to control or take care of pets

That you have a dog, doesn’t mean your nearby neighbors have to bear the pains of keeping it too. You should be able to control your pets and prevent them from intruding into your neighbors’ property. If you keep a pig or chickens or other animals that need extra care, try to take care of them to avoid complaints from neighbors about choking smells.

#6. Not contributing

If you are so busy that you barely have the time for any extras, you may be excused; if not, as a member of a community, you should be an active part of things that would make it a better place.


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