Signs You Are Being Too Picky To Buy A House

If you are looking for a house it is nice to settle for anything less than perfect but come on, that’s kind of unrealistic. You will never have a house that meets all your requirements and if become too picky or hard to please, you will end up with no house at all. You might already know how picky you are when it comes to buying a house but here are few signs to show how picky you are when it comes to buying a house.

#1. You know exactly what you want- to a fault

It is not a bad idea to have a criteria in mind when looking for a house but if it is airtight, a great place will slip pass right under your nose without you noticing it. People who are really picky when it comes to finding a house in most cases get to settle for houses they do not really like Houses do not wait for people so if you are bent on being picky another person will surely get the house you more or less would have wanted. If you want to have the exact house, you can as well design and build it yourself.

#2. You have been searching for a house for what seems like forever

If it’s your first time house, there is a reason it is called a starter house. You don’t get to stay in that house forever. They might be too small, too large and so on but if it satisfies most your requirements then you should strongly consider it. You could wait a long time to get your forever house because they can be hard to get and expensive. You don’t have to get a big house expecting you grand kids to stay there when you are not even pregnant yet.

#3. You think home improvement reality shows are realistic

Most people have the wrong idea about things they see on TV. When people see a house being transformed on TV and looking very attractive, the want the exact thing but getting such a house can be complex, time consuming and costly. With this idea in mind, people go picking through houses searching for the perfect reality TV home.


So if you have found a really great house but you are still having issues with the kitchen tile, you might as well ask yourself if you are ready to buy a house. Being too picky makes you lose a lot of good deals. You also do not get the chance to see the real problems that the house might have because your attention is geared towards having what you want which might not be of great importance.


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