Things You Should Never Say When Buying A Home

Buying a house can be a big deal whether you are a first timer or a real estate pro. But as with different aspects of life, there are certain things or ideas that are never to be voiced out when trying to buy a house. Your opinions or suggestions are best kept between you and an agent when buying a house. Here are lists of things you can say that will make you lose your dream house in the twinkle of an eye.

#1. This is my dream house

Even though you might be thinking how the house is just perfect for you, please don’t gush over it. It becomes a good reason for sellers to add on the price tag because they realize how much the house means to you. If you want to negotiate on a fair price, don’t show how badly you want the house or you might be paying higher than expected.

#2. I can afford to spend this amount

While it is a good idea to have a certain amount of money in mind on what you expect to spend, it will be a huge mistake for you to disclose this fact to the seller or the agent.  If a seller knows that you have the ability to pay full-price for the property, you will find it difficult when it comes to negotiating the price for the house.

#3. That couch is hideous

Don’t ever discuss with a seller about his poor taste of décor or furniture. Even though a sellers choice of style does not suit you, it doesn’t give you reason to insult their taste. In addition, it will give the seller doubts about whether they want to sell to you or not.

#4. Why are you selling

If a house is on the market, it is because there is a reason why the owner wants to sell it. In most cases, it is because of personal reasons that are no concern of yours. Asking such a question can raise different emotions that may not be pleasant for most sellers. Asking such a question can make a seller change his or her mind on selling. You might have just shown them what a big mistake they will be making and you will end up losing a great house.

#5. I cant wait to get rid of that

Even if you will be thinking how of perfect the house will be after you do various changes, it is best for you not to voice out how fast you want to get rid of things. Most sellers had good memories in the houses they are about to sell. With you saying such things, you are not only hurting their feelings, but they can simply reject an offer or prefer selling to someone else who is also interested in the house leaving you searching for another house that you may not like as much.

When buying a house, the best thing that you can do is to keep all opinion, ideas, dislikes between you and your agent. Not everyone will take your sense of humor lightly even though you might not mean no harm from what you say.


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