Emotional Mistakes Home Buyers Make

With a house looking like a dream come through, it’s no wonder people fall in love with the idea of buying a house that they even overlook the important areas. Buying a house especially for first timers can be a great emotional experience and if you let it cloud your those emotions cloud your judgement it can cost you. Big time. In this article, we share some of the most common decisions new home buyers make on emotional impulses.

#1. Buyers don’t remove the rose colored glasses.

Buyers tend to fantasize a house because it has all the qualities they have been dreaming about. This can make them overlook certain red flag signs the house actually has. For example, the price of the house is too high but the house décor just divine or the walls have water stains on it but the paint color is just sublime. Take away the emotions from the equation before you get the wrong results. When buying a house, you should muster the strength to move away from such temptation.

#2. Home buyers lose control

When buying a house, you will receive various advice from your agent, friends, family members and so on with different views and experiences. This can be very confusing because each person has different tastes and preferences which makes their advice rather subjective. To be on the safe side, weigh all the views but don’t let it cloud your idea of what is comfortable for you and your family. It is good to have different opinions from experienced people but the main point here is that you are the one buying the house therefore, get one that you will be happy with.

#3. Home buyers are not decisive

Before buying a house, it is best to have a reasonable sense of what you want. When you have made this clear, don’t budge for any tempting idea because it will only confuse you in the process. If you are intending to buy a 3 bedroom house, don’t go about looking through 4 or 5 bedroom houses or if you don’t want a house with a swimming pool, why go ahead looking at house with pools in it. A decisive mind will get you a good home and long term investment. If you are not sure of what you want don’t go down the path any further.


The fact just gets clearer that buying a house is no child’s play and it requires a lot of thinking and decision making. It is not like taking a stroll through the supermarket easily choosing what you want. Buying a house though takes time, energy, wise judgment and patience.


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